Subliminal Football Quiz

Ready for Euro 2024?
Test your knowledge before diving into the matches!

• 100 word puzzles
• 100 face puzzles
• Color themes
• Light/Dark mode
• Hint ‘Fact’ to get info about hidden person or term
• Hint ‘Zoom’ to zoom in and out of the picture
• Hint ‘Remove 3’ to get rid of non-relevant letters
• More fat, less salad!

Subliminal Faces

Spot famous people hidden in pictures. In each level, celebrity is sneakily blended into the background. You might find them mixed into a busy street scene or hiding in a peaceful park picture. The game gets trickier as you go, so you’ll need to look closely. It’s all about noticing the little details that give away their hiding spots. Test how sharp your eyes are while having a blast trying to guess the famous people.

• 100 Puzzles
• 5 unique achievements
• Hint ‘Fact’ to get info about hidden person
• Hint ‘Manipulate’ to turn and zoom the picture
• Hint ‘Remove 3’ to get rid of unneeded letters
• Color themes
• Light/Dark mode
• More juice, less clutter

1. Find the celebrity
2. Guess who
3. Tap in the last name or known name

Free daily puzzles


Subliminal Words

Discover all the hidden words that are cleverly camouflaged, and with each level, unlock a sentence of an unfolding story.

Like those magic eye pictures that used to hold our gaze, this game has subliminal words that emerge from the chaos, forming part of the image—a secret message that becomes clear as you look “closer”.

• Complete 200 Levels
• Unlock 12 unique achievements
• Unlock the story – every level you complete unlocks a sentence in an overarching story
• Activate the hint ‘Highlight’ to reveal a letter
• Activate the hint ‘Manipulate’ to use zoom in/out and rotate
• Activate the hint ‘Remove 3’ to remove letters that are not needed
• Choose Your favourite color theme (red, yellow, green, blue, purple)
• Enjoy a clean and intuitive UI