Help out Your distant relative Snackroach! Help the little guy to reach the food gate. Make as few taps as possible. Avoid enemies, obstacles and falling rocks!

• Levels with smart puzzles
• Levels that require you to be fast
• Novel obstacles, enemies and falling rocks
• Enjoyable character animations
• Hats
• Progressively increasing difficulty
• 69 free levels
• 12 achievements
• Global leaderboard
• Progress saved to cloud
• Easy to start!

• Tap the location where You want to move
• Score high by making fewer taps



Penalty 2D

Are you tired of long and boring football games (OK, me neither)? But do you think your country definitely deserves to win? No problem – this basketball arcade type of game solves these 2 problems and even more! There is no room for luck – take this task to your own hands (or fingers to be precise) and show that your country is the best by beating all the 211 countries!

• Drag and release the ball to kick
• Release before the white line to prevent speed loss
• Reach target score to advance to the next level
• Win the trophy!

• Fast flick = fast kick
• In the last 15 seconds you get 3 points for each goal