MOM, DAD, SIS – have you noticed that the words are identical when read from either side? Such words are called palindromes. In this game there are 100 palindrome puzzles prepared – solve them all! At the same time unlock the achievements and make it to the high scores.

• Drag and drop letters to correct positions to compose a word or sentence which is the same when read from left to right or right to left.
• Punctuation marks need to be in correct position but NOT from both sides
• Earn more points by doing less mistakes.

• 100 unique levels with increasing length and difficulty
• Hint where clue or topic is revealed about the current level
• Hint where random letter is placed to correct position
• Earn points in each level and compete against other players
• Plenty of achievements to enjoy the success
• Save the game to the cloud automatically
• Minimalistic design with easy-to-navigate UI and dark mode